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Stop Winter Weight Gain, Now!


The winter season is headed our way and, along with the wind chills, comes the ever-dreaded winter weight gain. It’s all too easy to unconsciously pack on the pounds during winter.

Try these tips to stop winter weight gain in its tracks:

1. Work out indoors.

Whether you purchase yoga DVDs or an elliptical machine, get moving each and every day throughout the winter.
• Take 30 minutes out of your morning to exercise. Feel free to take the weekends off, but if that’s when you have less restraint with your eating habits, take two days off midweek and exercise weekend mornings.
• If you’re partnered, make it a couple’s event. Pop in a salsa DVD each morning and work out with your partner. It’s fun, flirty, and the perfect way for couples to spend quality time together every day.

2. Make meals ahead of time.

Sometimes, when the weather is depressing, your desire to cook will vanish. This causes you to reach for the phone and dial the pizza place or Chinese restaurant for delivery. Instead, if you have precooked meals in the fridge, you’ll naturally eat healthier and save money, too!
• During the week-end (or a day when your off), take the time to prepare two or three meals and freeze them. Make vegetable soup, a hearty beef stew, or your favorite casserole and tuck it away in the freezer. Before you leave for work, remove the container from the freezer and simply let it defrost. When you come home, all you need to do is place the food into a pot and heat it on the stove.
• When you’re in a cooking mood, double a recipe–serve one recipe and save the second one for later. At the very minimum, group your ingredients together to save a bit of time.

3. Stock healthy snacks.

Snacking is inevitable, especially when you’re stuck indoors, evening after evening. You might as well prepare for your snack cravings and stock up on healthy and satisfying snacks.
• Run for the baked goods! Though they’re often laden with calories and fat, you can often find fat-free and low calorie versions at specialty bake shops. Treat yourself to apple pie, angel food, and granola.
• A serving of apple pie generally contains approximately 300 calories. However, this is just approximately 50 to 100 calories more than you would consume eating a Kit Kat bar, Reese’s peanut butter cups, or 6 Oreo cookies. That slice of pie should keep you full for much longer, but keep an eye out for unnecessary saturated and trans fats.
• If you feel a little adventurous, make satisfying cheesy spinach and zucchini muffins or some yummy apple crisps.

4. Eat Holiday foods in moderation.

Yes, your family is consuming heaps of eggnog, turkey, stuffing, and other fattening side dishes, but if you’re trying to ward off the winter weight gain, refrain from eating like it’s your last supper.
• Have a glass of water before your big holiday meals and load your plate with vegetables, lean meats, and a small amount of fatty foods. Wait 20 minutes after your first serving, and drink some water, before you reach for seconds. If you’re still hungry, help yourself to a second servings.
• If you’re hosting a holiday dinner, take charge and prepare calorie conscious meals. Rather than baking a ham for Christmas dinner, roast a turkey. Rather than making stuffing that is often loaded with high amounts of fat and salt, make a wild rice dish. The point I’m trying to make, look for healthier options to traditional, high-calorie dishes.

In reality, all it takes to combat the winter weight gain is attention to detail and some indoor activity to keep you fit. By keeping these pointers in mind, you’ll be beach-ready even before the spring season strikes!

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