Margit Willems & Four Pillars of Health

This is My Story

Hello, my name is Margit Willems Whitaker. I am a professional personal development coach, consultant, educator and author.

Born and raised in Germany, into a family business, I was expected to take on many responsibilities early in life.


After graduation high school, I got married, had children and moved to America. In a sense, the early responsibilities had prepared me for the numerous life challenges to come.

You can read about some of the challenges, as well as the life lessons learned, in my book Turning Points.

Today I work as a health, wellness, life and small business coach helping the goal-driven type A personalities, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and executive level professions, mostly above 40 years of age, to achieve their goals without sacrificing their relationships and health.

My belief is, “To be successful in life, both your personal and professional life needs to be in good health.”  One cannot thrive without the other.

But there is a little wrinkle in the equation.

It has been all over the news that the American life expectancy is increasing every day. The question is whether this is good news. With a strong social research background, my answer is that it all depends.

While people from all parts of the world are living longer, they are also working longer. My concern is, “what kind of life will they live?” I have dwelt heavily on this topic and it was supposed to become my dissertation.

Advances in medicine and public health have facilitated longevity, but the same advances can also mean living longer with illness and disability. To make things worse, many will have to work until they reach their full retirement age to receive social security benefits. So the Four Pillars come in to shed light on the ways to add life to years along with years to life. And this calls for instituting radical lifestyle changes under proper support system.

This is especially true for the goal driven entrepreneur, solopreneur, executive and business owner.

What Led Me To Become A Coach

While I always considered myself to live a healthy lifestyle, I didn’t know I had actually pushed myself to the limits—juggling work, graduate school and taking care of my disabled son. After his passing, in 2003, I ended up in an emergency room, due to some scary symptoms. The doctor looked at me and said, “I’m surprised you have not landed here sooner—it’s high time to put on the breaks and get a life.”

The years that followed were equally delusive and my body sent a clear alarm — time out, take a break, slow down! I had no choice but to listen. Unfortunately, a lot of damage had already taken place, and more was to come. In 2007, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia among other things.

My life had come to crossroads and the dilemma had to be solved. I had to either stay in a job that was slowly taking its toll on my health or walk away and take care of my health.

I chose the latter.

The Four Pillars

I have so far seen great result as I apply the Four Pillars into my own life and helping other do that too. My major goal each year is to stay healthy and productive. For me personally, this means staying ahead of the game—avoiding painful fibromyalgia and arthritis flare ups. To accomplish this, I must keep stress under control, because it is my Achilles heel. One flare up can last weeks.

Successful stress management goes beyond attending one stress management class, practicing relaxation techniques, or taking a mini vacation. While the these things certainly help, they are only part of a greater whole. To help me, help me, I have developed my own holistic stress management protocol over the years that address mind, body and spirit.

I have learned, the hard way, that living the best life calls for day to day improvement, and now I know becoming the best, all starts with taking good care of yourself!

You too can harness this power, without the many costly and painful mistakes I made along the way.

Because of this, I endeavor to help you make necessary lifestyle changes so that you may enjoy blissful and fulfilling personal and professional lives. We work together to add life to years rather than merely add years to life.




Margit Willem is a holder of two master’s degrees: one in International Business Studies (M.A) and another in Public Affairs (MPA). She also completed all course work (ABA) leading to a PhD in Public Policy and Political Economy, with an emphasis on Social Policy and Sociology. Willem’s early education includes a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, with a major in marketing and minor in human resources.

She also holds a diploma in hypnotherapy and over 20 certifications including Business and Life Coaching, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Sports Hypnosis, NLP, Master of NLP, Trainer of NLP, Etiquette, Fitness Nutrition and Lifestyle and Weight Management Coaching, Sports Yoga, Peter Hess Sound-Massage Practitioner certificates, including back pain management), Peter Hess Sound-Massage Trainer, Ayur-yoga Therapy, and Essential Oil Coaching. Not to mention small business related training.

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